Misson: A society of people who want to protect the native plants of the Catskills, enjoy them in their wild setting, and grow them in their backyard.

The Catskill Native Plant Society (CNPS) was established in 2013 with the goal of bringing people together to celebrate the botanical richness and beauty of the Catskills. Fifteen original partners founded the society, which counts members from the New York Flora Association, Catskill Native Nursery, and Olive Natural Heritage Society among its constituents. CNPS is open to any kind of nature lover, from all walks of life. Come lead a hike, attend one of our presentations, or simply share a beautiful view with us.

Molly Marquand

Molly is a bonafide plant nut. She is one of many original founding members of the society and helps arrange CNPS walks, talks, and all-important meetings! To see more of her work, look here.

Invasive Plant Jail
John Byron Kuhner

John Kuhner is a city boy who got into botany as a way to bring together three previously separate interests: beauty, Latin, and the outdoors. He has lived in an off-grid cabin in the Catskills since 2008, and takes an especial interest in garden-worthy ornamental plants and the intersection between literature and nature. His musings on these and other topics can be found at his website.

Emily Schroeder

Raised in the woods of the Schawangunk Ridge, Emily carries her passion for our native landscape as it proliferates in her landscape design work and extensive volunteering, including diversifying and enriching CNPS’s programming.  A directory of her work can be found here.