Growing Native Lilies

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Growing Native Lilies

  I’ve driven a fair amount over the Catskills in all times of year, and I regret to say that I’ve had very few encounters with native lilies (I am speaking here specifically of the genus Lilium – the trout lily, Erythronium americanum, is one of our most common and beautiful wildflowers but is in […]

Owls and evergreens

  I’m not much of a fan of winter but I do have a very soft spot for owls. I don’t think I need to explain why- you all get it. They’re flying sorcerers, the stuff of other worlds, the perfect (confounding!) union of lots of beauty and lots of deadly tools to dispatch little […]

Update From Ashokan High Point.

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Update From Ashokan High Point.

The dominant shrub of large parts of the Escarpment of the Catskills – its eastern flank facing the Hudson River Valley – is mountain laurel, Kalmia latifolia.  There are good populations of mountain laurel in several places on the Escarpment, but probably the largest population is on Ashokan High Point, where mountain laurel covers most […]

Winter Lecture, Marbletown Community Center, March 7th, 2015, 7 p.m.

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We’re pleased to announce that we will be having Carol Woodin, Exhibitions Director for the American Society of Botanical Artists, giving our winter lecture this year.  The lecture will take place at the Marbletown Community Center on March 7th.  The lecture will begin at 7 p.m.; feel free to arrive anytime after 6:30, and stay […]

Bartrams in the Catskills

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MAY 10-11 (Saturday-Sunday) Joint Field Meeting of the Torrey Botanical Society, the Philadelphia Botanical Club, the Olive Natural Heritage Society and the Catskill Native Plant Society This meeting will try to commemorate the collecting trips to the Catskills in the 1740’s-50’s of John and William Bartram, two of America’s first botanists of note. Our first […]

Residential Landscape and Ecological Restoration

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As a trained landscape architect, I have found my industry to be a tad much in the grey area when it comes to ecological restoration.  We are often not plants people.  We are also not often scientists.  We are often chained to desks working on drawings on drafting programs for long hours without a relationship […]

Redwing blackbirds and willows

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I love this photo by Christopher Martin . What says ‘spring’ in the Catskills better than these two earliest heralds of the season? The redwing blackbird is unmistakable with its flashy red epaulettes but the willow- well, I’d need a good hand lens and a working knowledge of willow stamens to tell you which species the […]

Forest health in the Catskills

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As the smaller of two forest preserves in New York, the Catskills doesn’t often get all the attention it deserves. A few years ago,however, we got lucky. A research arm of the US Forest Service targeted the Catskills to do a few fly-overs using NASA technology (think planes with lasers) to help map forest health. […]


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John Bartram was known as Puc-Puggy, the flower-hunter, by the Seminole.  As plant lovers alike, we will be co-sponsoring a spring ephemeral hike led by Uli Lorimer, curator of the Native Flora Garden at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, and Paul Harwood, botanical illustrator & former supervisor of the Herbarium at BBG. We are pleased to […]

Hard rime

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Hard rime

One of the most enchanting seasons is winter in the Catskills.  Hands down.  Are you with me?  Its best after a storm, before the trucks plow and sand.  Pure magic.  In the interior of the mountains, its beyond serene.  The snow is often powdery, maybe with an icy crust.  Can you hear the sound of […]