John Bartram was known as Puc-Puggy, the flower-hunter, by the Seminole.  As plant lovers alike, we will be co-sponsoring a spring ephemeral hike led by Uli Lorimer, curator of the Native Flora Garden at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, and Paul Harwood, botanical illustrator & former supervisor of the Herbarium at BBG. We are pleased to be teaming up with the Torrey Botanical Society and the Philadelphia Botanical Club.

This event is tentatively scheduled for May 10th at 11th.  Locations for this hike are currently being researched as they will be retracing Bartram’s expeditions into the Catskills.

Space will be limited. Stay tuned for event sign up and further information regarding.

(All this snow is sure to provide the moisture needed for a spectacular spring ephemeral show!  We are beyond excited!)